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The Electrum Group is committed to our tenants and our community. Click here to see what our tenants are saying about us.


We're a "Rose Level" supporter of Champaign's Courage Connection, a local nonprofit homeless shelter which offers support services and safe transitional housing to disadvantaged women and their children while fostering their self-sufficiency.


And as of Spring 2016, our staff have made over 88 whole blood unit donations (11 gallons!) to Community Blood Services of Illinois.


We're also celebrating our 13th year as annual contributors to the American Cancer Society:


Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How long have you been in business? How many apartments do you own?

We purchased our first rental property in the Summer of 1991, and have continuously operated ever since. As of 2015, we have seventeen properties with about 70 tenants.

2) Is this really the amount for the whole apartment? Why are your rates so low? 

Those are two of our favorite questions! The answers are yes; our rates really are that low, and that really is the amount for the whole apartment! Many of Champaign-Urbana's rental properties, particularly those on the University of Illinois campus, are owned by absentee landlords or corporations located in a different city or even a different state. Not The Electrum Group. We're locally owned and operated. There's no pool of investors to pay, no corporate bean counters to please. We manage our own properties instead of using property management services. We employ the very best local plumbers, electricians, and carpenters--people we've developed relationships with over the last twenty-plus years. We use these savings to make our apartments the best value in town. Additionally, our business model is one of long-term growth rather than short-term profit or income. These two factors--lower operating expenses and a growth vs. income business model--allow us to offer affordable apartments with unmatched customer service.  And we know that a good tenant is a valuable asset. We want you to stay with us and to tell your friends about us!

3) Do you have any efficiencies? 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, or 3-bedroom apartments available now or at a future date?

The Electrum Group has many different types of apartments--from large 2-bedroom apartments in traditional apartment buildings to single-room efficiencies in converted houses, whole single-family homes, and even commercial space. We try to keep our current and anticipated vacancies listed on the left-hand side of our main page. But if you're looking for something in particular that you don't see listed, please email us or call (217)649-0761. We might have something coming available that we haven't posted yet, and you might be the first to find out about it!

4) Do you offer a single-semester or a 6-month or 9-month lease? Can I sublet an apartment?

We don't usually offer leases shorter than 12 months, but we do allow our tenants to sublet their apartments under some circumstances. We recognize that everyone has unique needs, and we try our best to accommodate those needs. The best way to find out if we have any shorter term leases available is to ask. We'd love to talk with you!

5) Do you allow pets?

We do allow some pets in some apartments. Small caged pets are generally no problem. A single cat is generally allowed, too. Dogs are allowed in some apartments in some locations. And unlike many local landlords, we don't charge extra for most pets. Curious to see if your pet is allowed? Just ask!

6) What utilities do you pay?

We pay for water, garbage hauling, and sewer/sanitary in almost all of our units. Electricity is usually paid for by the tenant. Additional services, like high-speed internet access, cable television, and telephone service are available in all of our locations, but these services are paid for by the tenant.

7)  How close are the apartments to bus lines?

Champaign-Urbana has an excellent mass transit system, and all of our units are located within a block or two of bus service. In many of our locations, service comes right by the front door!

8) How close is the nearest grocery store? Post office? Park?

Parks are located close to almost all of our locations.  206 E. Springfield, Near North, Union Hall, the units at 202-204 S. First are located within a block of two parks. The post office on Green and Third is easy walking distance to most of these properties as well. There are specialty grocery stores (middle-eastern, Asian, Mexican), as well as the new 30,000 square foot full service County Market grocery store within 3 or 4 blocks of 206 E. Springfield, 105 N. Fourth, 311 East Park, and our Near North property.

9) What is "electrum"?

Electrum is the naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver. The first coins ever produced were made from electrum in around 600 BCE in the kingdom of Lydia, which is now western Turkey. 

Any other questions? Please feel free to email or call us at (217)649-0761.

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