615 West Church Street, Champaign


(View from the house looking into backyard)

With only four units, 615 West Church Street in Champaign has a "homey" feel and the tenants tend to know each other by name. Each apartment comes with all utilities paid: Heat, A/C, water, power, garbage removal.

The property boasts a huge private back yard with a park bench and privacy shrubs, as well as a large patio with picnic tables. Limited off-street parking is available. On-site, tenant-only laundry machines are provided as well. The building has a secure, tenant-only front door with buzzers for each individual apartment.

The building is located two blocks from one of Champaign's largest and most attractive parks, West Side, and is within easy walking distance to downtown Champaign and its many stores, restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, and movie theater. The C-U Mass Transit District's Orange Route passes directly in front of the building going west, and the east-bound route can be picked up two blocks south. The east-bound goes straight to the U of I campus, which is approximately 1.5 miles south east of the property.  As always, the  C-U MTD is free to all U of I students, faculty, and staff with a valid U of I ID card.

Email us at info@TheElectrumGroup.com or phone us at (217) 649-0761 for information on available apartments.

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