Just some of what our tenants have recently said about us ...

Brittany S. (2015-16)

Conor O'. (2013-2015)

(Dallas V., 2014-2015)

Mariela F. (2012-2015)


  Anthony O. (2012-2014)


Thanks for being an awesome landlord and providing awesome housing. Best,Nicole F. (2013-2014)
Thanks again for an awesome year, and have a great rest of the summer!
-Connor S. (2013-2014)

You were the greatest landlord I had in my four years in Champaign.  If fate brings me back, hopefully I know about it before all your places are spoken for :p

Very respectfully,

Joshua D. (2013-2014)

It was really nice renting from you, you're a great landlord.
Kelsey D., 2011-2012

Marilyn H., 2010-2013

Rachel C., 2010-2011

Kate O., 2009-2011

Kyle H., 2008-2010

Sneha G., 2008-2010

Alex, Erin, Jackie, and Kelli, 2008-2010

Serena E., 2009-2010

Katie M., 2008-2010

Ben M., 2008-2010


Mallory B. -  2009

Thank you for a smooth year & for being a proactive landlord.
-Ikechukwu Ujari
August '08 - August '09

Thank you again for being a great landlord and making my 1st apartment so easy!
F. Mollier
August '08 - December '09


Jill, 613 W. Springfield,

08-04  'til 08-08







Kirby, 206 E. Springfield,

08-06 'til 08-08


I would first off like to thank you for being a wonderful landlord
for the past two years. I am quickly learning just how much you spoiled us
with your quick responses and attentiveness.
All of my future landlords will now have rather high standards to live up to!
--Lindsay, 205 E. Stoughton, 08-06 'til 08-08








Jenn, Jeannette, Lauren, and Emma,

205 E. Stoughton, 08-06 'til 08-08                                        Christa, 205 E. Stoughton, 08-07 'til 08-08



"Thanks again for being such great landlords...I miss the electrum group already!"
Teresa, 615 W. Church, 09-07 'til 08-08